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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy and Commitment
that you should be Aware with

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Our privacy policy serves its sole purpose to help you gather the information regarding the way we collect information from visitors, what we do with the information, and also how we process it.

Our Commitment

At OnDem, we value and respect the privacy of our visitors and are committed to never divulge their details to third parties in any case. We are responsible for safeguarding and maintaining secrecy for all information that we collect from our visitors. Our sole motto is to keep your data safe and prevent it from misuse.

How We Gather Details

We collect users’ information in multiple ways.
  • We use log files that record every movement of users while visiting the website and provide details like the internet service provider, browser type, clicks, time zone, etc.
  • We collect your details like contact number, email-id, etc. when you communicate with us to get details or hire our services with the use of multiple channels.
  • We collect your information when you register with us for consultation, participate in the meeting, conversation, etc.
  • We also collect details related to the way you use our websites, content you interact with, pages you visit the most, resources you access, etc.

Purpose of Information Collection

We collect our user’s details for various reasons. Take a look at all those;

  • We collect your details to know your needs and interest and deliver the right solutions accordingly to match your needs.
  • We collect your details to make our website more appropriate to deliver you a complete personalized experience by matching your all expectation.
  • We collect your details to develop our marketing plan
  • We collect your information to know whether you are satisfied with the performance of our website or not.
  • We collect your details to know whether our website functions safely. We implement cutting-edge security features to prevent any fraud.

What We Do with the Collected Information

We abide by all rules and regulations for gathering users’ details with full surety against any kind of loss, theft, or damage. We collect information only when it’s necessary and use it in the following ways.

  • We use your collected details to render the solutions, services, etc. based on your needs and expectation.
  • Based on your information, we provide you information that is useful for you only after your consent.
  • We use your details for transaction purpose
  • We also use the collected information to enhance the functionality and performance of your website.
  • We collect your details to notify you in case of any changes be it services, website structure, or related things.

What Parameters our Privacy Policy Includes

Data Storage Security

We at OnDem implement the highest security measures to provide full of protection to data that we collect from you and store it in our database. Meanwhile, the digital world brings lots of security challenges as well and there is the possibility that your data can be breached before we get it. So, if you are sharing your data with us, it’s entirely at your own risk.

Divulge of Information

As we never share your information with anyone in any case, except in certain circumstances.

  • If we get regulated by the law authority to disclose the information
  • If we engage with any business deal with the third-party
  • If we take a measure to mitigate the security challenges to combat any fraudulent